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Rules for 2nd and 3rd grade lacrosse


1. 4 v 4 with no goalie 

2. 2 pass rule- No player may shoot until her team has attempted or completed two passes

1. Pass or attempt is counted when receiver gains control of ball (not when passer

    throws it).

2. If a team loses ball to the opposing team (opposing team gains control of ball), pass count automatically resets to 0.

3. If a shot does not go into the goal and the rebound is outside goal circle attacking team can pick up ball and immediately shoot because they retain accumulated pass count. If ball remains in goal circle referee retrieves ball and gives it to defensive team.

4. Umpires (not coaches) are responsible for audibly counting pass completions. Umpires should avoid saying, "you may shoot" / "go to goal." They should say, "you have 2 completed passes."


3. Stand on the whistle

4. No covering the ball

5. Nobody may enter or run through the goal circle. Sticks may not cross over the goal circle.

6. No stick or body checking

7. Shooting Space and Goal Tending

              1. Defense- no standing in front of the goal without guarding an opposing player

              2. players may not be in the direct line of an offensive players shot

8. Out of Bounds-Sideline

              1. ball changes procession if thrown or rolls out of bounds or player runs out of bounds

9. Out of Bounds- End line on a shot

              1. closest player to the ball when it goes out the end line after a shot gains procession

10. Subbing

1. Players may sub on a whistle or after goal.

2. Player going off field must wait for sub to take their place before going to sideline